The Comics Studies Society

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The 2nd Annual Conference of the Comics Studies Society
July 25-27, 2019
Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

UPDATE: The COMICS/POLITICS Conference Conference Organizing Committee has now sent email notifications to everyone who submitted proposals. If you haven't heard back (please check your junk & spam folders) contact us at Please add this email to your trusted senders so we can keep you updated. 
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About Our Annual Conference
The CSS annual conference is an opportunity for comics scholars, students, creators, librarians, curators, and fans to convene for three days of panels, roundtables, workshops, exhibits, and social events that reach out to the local and broader comics communities.

CSS held its inaugural annual conference from August 8-10th 2018 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, hosted by Carol Tilley. The CSS 2019 conference will take place from July 25th -27th 2019 at Ryerson University in Toronto, co-hosted by Candida Rifkind and Andrew O'Malley.

The Comics Public Archive: CSS Conference Zine
Inaugurated at the 2018 CSS conference, all participants and attendees are encouraged to take notes and/or document their conference experience in zine format (i.e. pencil, pen, crayons, markers, etc.). After the conference, participants can submit their zine page(s) (in PDF format) to conference organizers to be included in the official conference zine to be made available on the CSS webpage.

What some of our delegates said after our first conference:

"I had an utterly amazing time and felt like everyone really supported and fostered each other. It was a beautiful experience and I hope it inspires all the attendees and pushes our field forward."

"More than anything else, it was wonderful for me to be at a conference with so many scholars that I respect in an environment where my work feels like it is part of a larger community. Too often it feels like the work that I have been doing on my dissertation is happening mainly in isolation and being able to share it with other comics scholars and to get to see what they have been working on made me feel like there actually might be a future for my work and for me in academia."

"The sense of community, openness, and dedication that emanated from everybody I met and every paper I've listened to. I can't see the future yet, but I can imagine these past couple of days as big game changers in my life and career."

"Connecting with colleagues hitherto only known through social media [and] being immediately accepted as part of the field without needing to fight and share bonafides was amazing."
Photos credit: Gene Kannenberg, Jr.