The Comics Studies Society

  • Comics Studies Events (2017)
    February 7-9 “The Empirical Study of Comics” at Teerhof, Bremen; visit (deadline passed)

    February 20-26 “Michigan State University Comics Forum” at East Lansing, MI; visit (deadline passed)

    March 10-11 "Comics and/as Rhetoric: (Anti)Static Narratives: 2016/17 Pennsylvania College English Association Conference” at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, visit (deadline passed)

    March 31-April 2 “Comics Arts Conference: WonderCon” at Anaheim, California; contact (deadline passed)

    April 7-9 “Comics Remixed: Adaptation and Graphic Narrative” at University of Florida; contact (deadline passed)

    April 14-15, 2017 "Queers & Comics 2017" at California College of the Arts; visit (deadline passed)

    April 22, 2017 "5th Annual “Cripping” the Comic Con" at Syracuse University; visit

    April 27-30 “The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo Academic Track” at Calgary, Alberta, Canada; visit or contact or by February 21

    May 11-12 “The Canadian Society for the Study of Comics” in Toronto; visit (deadline passed)

    May 18-21 “The 7th Annual Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology Conference” at the University of Texas at Dallas; visit (deadline passed)

    June 7 “Eccentrics and Eccentricities in Graphic Novels and Comics: Amiens University Workshop” at Amiens, France; contact by March 31

    June 15-17 “The 8th Annual Comics and Medicine Conference” at Seattle Public Library; visit by January 30

    June 26-30 "Borders: The Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Comics and Bande Dessinee"’; contact (deadline passed)

    July 13-14 “Comics and Nation” in Bangor, Wales UK; visit or contact (deadline passed)

    July 16-20 “Comic Art Working Group: IAMCR 2017” in Cartagena, Colombia; visit (deadline passed)

    July 20-23 “The 25th Annual Comics Arts Conference” at San Diego’s Comic-Con International; contact (deadline passed)

    July 31 - August 5 Summer School Transnational Graphic Narratives in Siegen; visit: (applications due: 31 March 2017).

    August 19-20 "Flame Con 2017" visit:

    September 22-24 “Edmonton Expo Academic Track” at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; contact by February 21

    September 28-October 1 “CXC Scholarly Symposium” in Columbus, Ohio; visit (deadline not posted)

    October 5-8 “German Studies Association-Seminar: Ansichtssache. Deutschsprachige Graphic Novels an der Schnittstelle von Visual Culture Studies und Gendertheorien“ in Atlanta, Georgia; contact (deadline passed)

    November 2-4 “International Comics Art Forum” at the University of Washington, Seattle; visit (deadline not posted)
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