The Comics Studies Society

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Graduate Student Officers

President: The president shall assume responsibility for the committee's strategic work in the interest of the society's grad students. They will implement committee activities, decisions and plans in accordance with the GSC mandate and constitution. The president will also serve as representative of the Graduate Student Caucus on the Executive Board of the Comics Studies Society, and as such will be responsible for all communication between the CSS Executive Committee and graduate student members, and vice versa. In addition, they shall determine the agenda of the annual graduate student meeting. The president serves a one year term.

Vice President: The vice president shall work with and assist the president in various duties, acting as a stand-in if necessary. They shall manage internal committee affairs, such as overseeing and delegating various tasks to committee members working cooperatively on rendering the GSC functions operational (building online presence, delivering news, organizing workshops/events, etc.). Additionally, the vice-president is in charge of recruitment of new grad student members. The vice president serves a one year term. Upon completion of the term, the vice president will assume the functions of the president for one year.

Secretary-Treasurer: The secretary-treasurer assumes the responsibility of managing the society's finances, keeping minutes from all meetings, and keeping a membership list. The secretary—treasurer serves a one year term.

Members at Large: Two members at large provide advice and aid to the officers of the Caucus. Early career scholars holding contingent positions such as post doctoral fellowships are encouraged to apply for these positions. The Members-at-Large serve one year terms.