The Comics Studies Society

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2019-20 CSS Accessibility Committee
Chairs: Leah Misemer (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Jenny Blenk (Independent Scholar)
Evan Ash (GSC Rep, University of Maryland)
Josh Rose (Brookhaven College)
Dan Yezbick (St. Louis Community College)
Zack Kruse (Michigan State University)
Johnathan Flowers (Worcester State University)

2019-20 Code of Conduct Committee
Chair: Samantha Langsdale (University of North Texas)
Biz Nijdam (GSC Rep, University of British Columbia)
A. David Lewis (MCPHS University)
Andy Kunka (University of South Carolina)
Esther De Dauw (University of Leicester)
Shawn Gilmore (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)