The Comics Studies Society

How can I join the Comics Studies Society / renew my membership?
I moved. Whom can I contact so I will not miss an issue of Inks?
For any questions about the status of your membership/subscription, please contact
Where can I find information about comics studies conferences?
A list of comics studies events, including conferences, can be found on the ‘Resources’ section of the Comics Studies Society’s website:
How do I find information about undergraduate/graduate programs in comics studies?
Some institutions offering degrees/certificates in comics studies include:
I have a question about my comics-related research project. Who can I ask for help?
The best way to ask a question to other comics scholars is to join the Comix Scholars Discussion List, which you can find here:
Where can I publish comics-related scholarship?
A list of academic journals can be found here:
And of course, don't forget Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society
Where can I find a list of scholarly books about comics?
The website features annotated bibliographies organized by subject.
Where can I find teaching resources about comics?
Numerous teaching resources are available from The Center for Cartoon Studies, and lesson plans for grades K-4 can be found here: