The Comics Studies Society

2018 Comics Studies Society Prize Winners

2018 Hillary Chute Award for Best Graduate Student Conference Presentation 
Isabelle Martin (University of Illinois at Chicago)
“‘The Weight of Their Past’: Reconstructing Memory and History through Reproduced Photographs in Thi Bui’s Graphic Novel
The Best We Could Do,” presented at the Comics Arts Conference, San Diego, July 2018.
2018 Gilbert Seldes Prize for Public Scholarship 
Osvaldo Oyola (New York University)
• “Guess Who’s Coming Home for the Holidays: Intergenerational Conflict in Bitch Planet,” The Middle Spaces, Dec. 11, 2018
• “‘I AM (not) FROM BEYOND!’: Situating Scholarship & the Writing ‘I’”, The Middle Spaces, Dec. 25, 2018 
• "YA = Young Avengers: Asserting Maturity on the Threshold of Adulthood," The Middle Spaces, Oct. 16, 2018, which has been selected for publication in
2018 CSS Article Prize
André M. Carrington (Drexel University)
“Desiring Blackness: A Queer Orientation to Marvel’s Black Panther, 1998–2016,”
American Literature 90.2 (June 2018).
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Honorable Mention: Nicholas E. Miller (Valdosta State University)
“‘Now That It’s Just Us Girls’: Transmedial Feminisms from Archie to Riverdale,” Feminist Media Histories 4.3 (Summer 2018).

2018 Charles Hatfield Book Prize
Lara Saguisag (College of Staten Island, City University of New York)
Incorrigibles and Innocents: Constructing Childhood and Citizenship in Progressive Era Comics, Rutgers UP, 2018.