The Comics Studies Society

CSS 2019 Travel Grants

The Comics Studies Society (CSS) is pleased to offer eight travel grant awards to graduate students and contingent faculty (those without a permanent faculty position) to cover a portion of the costs for presenting a paper at the COMICS/POLITICS conference from July 25th-27th at Ryerson University in Toronto.

The 2019 conference travel awards are as follows:

  • Graduate Students (3 awards): free registration and $150 (Canadian) towards conference expenses. Deadline May 1st.
  • Contingent Faculty (3 awards): free registration and $150 (Canadian) towards conference expenses. Deadline May 1st.
  • #womenonpanels (2 awards for female-identified and non-binary graduate student and contingent faculty presenters): free registration and $150 (Canadian) towards conference expenses. Deadline May 15th.

All awards applicants will be notified by May 20th, 2019.

CSS 2019 #womenonpanels Travel Grant

On February 24th, 2019, women took advantage of Twitter as an intersectional feminist space and addressed gender inequality in comics studies using #womenonpanels. Women from around the world shared short descriptions of their work and recognized other women who inspired them by tweeting with the hashtag.

The #womenonpanels initiative builds on this social media origin, asking everyone in comics studies, but especially those editing collections or putting together conference panels, to “read, cite, and invite” women and people of marginalized gender identities.

Sales from the #womenonpanels campaign will go towards a travel award for a female-identified or non-binary emerging scholar (graduate student or contingent faculty) to present original research at the Comics Studies Society 2019 Conference, COMICS/POLITICS, at Ryerson University from July 25th -27th.

For more on #womeonpanels read Leah Misemer’s blog post, “T
aking Twitter Higher, Further, Faster: Leading the #Womenonpanels Event” at TECHStyle.

Application Process
Applicants who self-identify as a female or non-binary graduate student or contingent faculty should complete the application form and send it as a Word attachment to the conference email: before midnight CST on May 15th, 2019.

Those who already applied for the conference Travel Grants may also apply for the #womenonpanels Travel Grants.