The Comics Studies Society


The Comics Studies Society (CSS) is pleased to offer some support to graduate students and contingent faculty (those without a permanent faculty position) to cover a portion of the costs for presenting a paper at the COMICS/POLITICS conference from July 25th-27th at Ryerson University in Toronto.
The 2019 conference travel awards are as follows:

  • Graduate Students (3 awards): free registration and $150 (Canadian) towards conference expenses.
  • Contingent Faculty (3 awards): free registration and $150 (Canadian) towards conference expenses.
To apply, send an email to the conference email account ( with the subject “Travel Grant Application.” Include a 3-4 sentence statement describing your eligibility for the award and attach your paper proposal (original or revised).

The deadline to apply is midnight (CST) on May 1st.

Recipients of the travel grants will be notified by email from the conference account by May 15th and acknowledged at the Conference Reception.